What is fulvic acid?

The sources of minerals derived from plants are known as the humic soil substrate or humic deposits and are usually in the upper layers of the soil. Humus is produced from decaying plant sources. When these deposits contain bioavailable elements, soluble in water, they will also contain humic acids. Fulvic acid is one of the different humic acids.

Humic acids are a complex mixture of organic material, coming from leaves, branches, trunks, and others, which are decaying in the soil. The process is carried out by microorganisms and fungi, producing fulvic acid. These acids have the property of forming very low molecular weight compounds with positively charged ions, a process known as chelation. The chelated mineral compounds are highly absorbable by plants and animals. This natural chelation process allows plants to store both vitamins and minerals. The amount of ionic minerals absorbed by humans, when combined with the fulvic acid, is much greater than the absorption achieved through the use of traditional tablets.

The Fulvic Acid and the Organic Transmutation

People who take colloidal minerals derived from plants are concerned with the minerals found in the list of contents in the bottle. There are elements of “toxic” metals, such as arsenic, mercury, and others. Actually, colloidal minerals derived from plants, DO NOT CONTAIN TOXIC ELEMENTS.

Colloidal minerals derived from plants are safe and can be used with confidence. The natural process of chelation with fulvic acids carries out a process of organic transmutation. This process transforms the chemical properties of the ionic elements allowing them to remain in elemental form. This process is common in nature. An example is the ionic combination of sodium and chlorine. Both, in their elemental form, are toxic, but when combined naturally, form sodium chloride, which is a very useful compound. Sodium chloride is the table salt that we use daily. Other elements, with potential for toxicity, such as iron, are required by the body. An excess of elemental iron leads to several disease conditions, known as hemosiderosis.

In the ionic compounds found in soils, fulvic acid is the main factor in organic transmutation. The label of vitamin supplements lists heavy metals because even when these are combined with the fulvic acid, in the process of chemical analysis, the elements are detected. Once again, when the ionic minerals react with the fulvic acid and the photosynthesis process is carried out, the ions change from an inorganic to an organic state and their chemical properties change with it.

Fulvic acid is present in colloidal minerals derived from plants. This is not true of organic minerals that are derived from other organic sources such as oyster shells, egg shells, animal bones, different types of fruit, dried (dried) yeasts and others. While several mineral supplements, available in granules or tablets, are attributed a large number of components, these can never be compared to the safety and absorption of colloidal minerals. It should be noted that fulvic acid can contain up to 60 different types of mineral compounds.

When the positively charged minerals are absorbed by the plants, the association with fulvic acid converts them into negatively charged compounds. Although the process and effects of transmutation are known, the current mechanism by which fulvic acid transmutes the elements is not known.

Acid Increases Bioavailability

In addition to the transmutation of ions, fulvic acid has the ability to make vitamins and minerals more absorbable, by producing complexes that are easily transported by the cells of the roots and intestine.

Pharmacological studies carried out

  • As an anti-inflammatory agent:

The efficacy of hydrogenated cortisone in relation to fulvic acid varies with the location of its source and the extraction method. (i) Fulvic acid inhibits an enzyme secreted from the infected area and also regulates the level of zinc and copper in the trace elements and thus activates dismutases containing zinc and copper.

  • Stimulates blood circulation and enhances blood clotting:

Many diseases are caused by malfunction of circulation in the capillary blood system. The therapeutic effect of fulvic acid is a result of its ability to restore and improve blood circulation in the capillary system. Fulvic acid, on the other hand, serves as well as a blood coagulant when there is bleeding or blood seeping from the vascular bed.

  • Digestive ulcers:

The curative effects of fulvic acid are the result of its ability to stimulate blood circulation in the stomach wall and its ability to inhibit the secretion of acid-producing cells. It also stimulates the secretion of glands that have the ability to protect the inner wall of the stomach, preventing ulcers.

  • Immunology:

There are indications that with the injection of fulvic acid in the abdominal region increases the size of the thymus in experimental animals, together with the increase in the activity of the macrophage. A dosage of 5 mg/kg of weight, injected in the abdominal region is beneficial. However, dosages greater than 50 mg / Kg. showed the opposite effect, that is, the size of the thymus is reduced.

  • Endocrinology:

Fulvic acid regulates the abnormal secretion of thyroid hormone as a result of its regulatory power of cyclic nucleotides at the cellular level.

  • Anticancer:

Fulvic acid, in general, does not kill cancer cells. It serves as a regulatory agency in the immune system and can be used in conjunction with other anticancer medicines.

Clinical Uses of Fulvic Acid

  • Anti-inflammatory and blood coagulant:

In many clinical cases, the infections were accompanied by blood seeping into the area, or ulcers caused to bleed. Fulvic acid moderates ulcerous conditions on the basis of its anti-inflammatory nature, its nature of coagulation, and general curative capacity.

  • Corneal infection:

We studied and treated 53 cases with drops of fulvic acid for eyes and intramuscular injections. 94.2% success rate.

  • Acute Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage:

160 cases were studied and treated with fulvic acid in oral and injectable form. 95.6% success rate.

  • Skin ulcers:

51 cases were studied and treated with the fulvic acid bath and minerals. 92.2% success rate.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis:

A large number of cases were studied and treated with the fulvic acid bath mixed with minerals and orally (capsules).

  • Hemorrhoids:

Several thousand cases were studied and treated with the preparation of fulvic acid. The success rate was so good that the Chinese medical authorities developed an over-the-counter medicine for national distribution.

PhenQ is a very important supplement

PhenQ supplement is a very important supplement that enhances the physiological process of keeping body fit. Upon using it, a person is capable of boosting the sexiness, becoming slim and maintain his/her health. The PhenQ supplement is also important in trying to maintain an attractive physique based on a person’s desire.

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PhenQ has been accessed by experts and reviewers as a supplement that burns down calories within the body for the body to lose weight. Also, the preventing the production of fat tissues within the body is achieved because of the properties PhenQ has.

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Most diet pills have been certain issues such as; restlessness, dizziness, insomnia and blood pressure problems accompanying the user of the supplement. But PhenQ is all free from such side effects and that is the best part.

PhenQ only uses natural ingredients for in its product making. So you can stick to continuing the usage of the substance for the long-term. Weight-loss management as never be this easier. However, serious precaution must be taken before the use of this substance, or they could turn out to be destructive.

Examples of treatment used to get rid of the warts

When it comes to using the wart remover treatment, there are some doctors who say that it is better to leave it alone. Many people may start to develop the immune response and it may force the warts to go away on their own. At least one fifth of the warts may disappear in just six months while the third may be gone in just two years. When the wart is not responding and it is uncomfortable or unsightly; there are many ways that you can try to get rid of it and this involves self treatment or to get the help from the doctor.

When you had decided treating own wart, the first choice is to use over the counter medication found in ointment, pad, gel and liquid. Many also contain the salicylic acid and they can soften the abnormal skin cells through dissolving them. The example is the occlusal HP, Compound W and Duofilm.

The first step is to soak warts in the water over five minutes so that the medicine can penetrate in the skin much easier.  The dead skin can be rubbed off using the pumice stone and the washcloth. The compounds need to be applied on daily basis and it may last for some months before the warts can disappear completely. You do not have to continue with only one pumice stone and washcloth since it may re-infect other places with the virus.  After using salicylic acid treatment over-the-counter, the place has to be covered using a piece of the duct tape. This is going to help for the medicine to adhere and to penetrate by using salicylic acid in a skin.

When using over the counter treatment had failed, the doctor may remove the warts through other options. Freezing can be used as a wart remover and it consists to inject the liquid nitrogen. The warts can be burned off using electric needle or using a laser.  Applying the acid can destroy wart. It is possible to inject the drug called Bleomycn in the wart since it can help in killing the virus and it had already been used for many cases. You can inject candida antigen in the body in order to stimulate the body to use its own immune system in fighting off the warts. You get the prescription of the topical medication known imiquimod (Aldara) and it improves the capacity of the body to fight the warts and it is common to be used with the genital warts.  The types of the warts may dictate the method used to remove it. The warts can be plantar warts and the walking pushes the plantar warts back into the skin. They are painful and they grow in the clusters. They are called mosaic warts. The flat wart is small and smooth and it tends to grow in large number. They may show up in any place and anywhere on a body. They can be found where the people do shave like the legs on the women or men. Irritation of shaving may led to the flat warts.

Solve your Obese Problem with Fat Diminisher Program

It is true that good fats help the body in several ways including in digesting some kind of nutrients and absorption of nutrients in the system, bad fats are really dangerous to health. Consumption of Trans fat has been linked to the reason behind oodles of problems including obesity, weight gain and others. That is the reason why you have to make sure that you control quantity of fat you consume daily. In fact, it is nice for you to avoid Trans fat completely if you must enjoy healthy living. However, if you have already fallen victim of the bad fats which has cause oodles of problems to you, there is no need to bother as the solution you need is just in fat diminisher review offered on this article.

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The Fat Diminisher Review and Challenges Associated With Weight Loss

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Get your lost confidence back

Having bags under eyes is not the serious medical issue, however it will greatly affect your confidence in daily life. While going to work, you would be asked by your co-workers if you are sick and feeling under weather. There is no denying a fact that the bags under eyes will make you look much older what you actually are. Thankfully, you do not have to live in the embarrassment. We will take a close look at some proven techniques on how to get rid of bags under eyes.
Firstly, let us look on what the “bags” are. Suppose you ever check them in mirror, you will see they’re actually the wrinkles on your skin. Thus, how to get rid of bags under eyes? It can be one contributing factors, which cause the wrinkles, from allergies to age, and you should first check out what is causing it in case you wish of getting rid of it. Nearly everybody has had long night of partying and working, and woken up following morning with the bags under eyes. When our body does not get enough of sleep, your eyes do not get necessary time for rest & relax. Result is the formation of the droopy skin under eyes, which give appearance of the bags. Suppose you believe it is a main culprit, then try to get better schedule with seven hours of sleep every night.

You might hear people say anaemia is one main cause’s of having bags under eyes. This can be a case but it will be treated easily with right foods & diet. People have anaemia when there’s not sufficient oxygen getting to right body tissue. One more preventable cause for the bags under eyes is the poor diet. Suppose you are consuming huge amounts of nicotine, caffeine, salt, alcohol, or other not very healthy substances, then it takes toll on the body and will potentially cause you under eye bags. This might be tough for a few people to change the diet totally completely, but try to add in more vegetables and fruits and eat less of processed foods. This can help to supply the body with nutrients that it wants to function rightly. Around ¾ of world’s population walks over in mild state of the dehydration (that is lack of water). While you are dehydrated, this affects everything in the body, which includes eyes. Drinking recommended 64oz of water can help to get rid of bags under eyes to form just by keeping the skin & eyes lubricated.

The allergy is one common cause of developing the dark circles under eyes. Many people will tell if it is allergies causing the bags as they may notice many other signs, like itchy nose, itchy throat, red eyes and sneezing. Best solution for the allergies is first trying over counter allergy drug and if this does not work, then you can visit doctor & see what they suggest.

Get the best from your massage

Massaging is one profession that practically anyone can benefit from. You can decide to learn massaging and open a massaging outlet for money making purpose. You can equally decide to learn massaging for use in the home. You do not need to have any previous education or graduate from college or middle school before you can learn to be an expert in massaging. as long as you have eyes and brain to soak up knowledge, then you are good to go. At the end of the day, you may start making more money through your massaging profession than a college graduate. There are lots of outlets offering massage courses adelaide out there today and you will benefit from such courses a great deal. You do not need to empty your bank account in order to register for any of the massaging courses. In fact, many of them are offered at prices lower than your expectation. This however does not reduce the reliability and quality of the training you will get from such institution.

When looking for outlets where to register for massage courses adelaide, consider only the long standing outlets. Your goal is to get properly trained and have adequate knowledge about massaging and the best institutions that can offer you such training are the long established ones. The new ones too may be of help, but you can never compare the level of experience possessed by long standing massaging institutions to what is possessed by new ones. The long established ones would have built reputation and that reputation will have great impact on the quality of training you receive from them as well as the quality of the certificate they offer you at the end of your training. With these long standing ones, you can be rest assured that the best trainings will be provided and under the most amiable training condition.

Many of the long standing ones have nation-wide coverage. This lends more credence to the certificate they have to offer. They equally meet with requirements and certifications needed for establishment of massaging colleges. This means the certificates they offer you at the end of your training is tenable anywhere on the planet. The long standing ones also offer many courses each year and this makes it possible for you to register for any of their course at different times of the year. The long standing massage courses adelaide institutions with national coverage do offer courses in different parts of the country, like Gold Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.

The purpose of offering massage services is to provide remedial massage as well as complete relaxation to your clients. You need adequate experience in massaging to be able to offer such service. The trainings given through massage courses adelaide are designed to set you up for the challenges you may encounter in massaging. Before you register with any of the institutions or outlets offering massage courses, compare them with other outlets and go for the ones among them that are offering best quality at the lowest price possible. However, it is not safe to consider price ahead of quality massage training.