Why would users choose Showbox over Netflix? Netflix charges a monthly subscription fee that not everyone can afford. For people who are looking to save money, or are unwilling to spend it, free streaming is more attractive. Netflix has a limited variety of content to choose from, and often releases the content long after its cinematic and DVD release. Showbox, however, releases content as soon as it hits cinema, and at a high quality. The selection is more varied and voluminous than Netflix, offering more for less. Showbox also has a music feature which Netflix does not, making it slightly more appealing in terms of versatility.

Just as any other commodity that has merits, Showbox is coupled by a some demerits. Amongst all the fun of exploration and application and use and shares, there are critical underlying issues that need addressing and that any user should be well aware of before employing the use of said application.

Important to note is that, if one is using a previous or older version of showbox, then it is not possible to access the features that have been installed in the new one. It is therefore to ensure to keep downloading and updating to the latest showbox version to ensured continued enjoying of their services.

The most pressing issue and the monster in the room is the ability to download showbox without necessarily being able to verify the source of this content. How safe is it for your devices and you and your information to employ the use of content that you do not know for sure that is the source? Google play applications here have a much higher advantage over showbox as when one is getting content from showbox, you are almost 100% sure that these content is legitimate and poses no danger to you. With the recent risks associated with unverified content, showbox exposes you to a lot of possible network intrusions that pose the danger of you losing content or being exposed to malware content during both installation and use.

Showbox download advertising sites are the perfect scenes for phishing scams employed by hackers. As you have no absolute way of telling what really the best download site is, it takes it very easy to install un knowledgeably  content that is not legitimate to your device and thus your network thus showbox requires some sort of regulations to be implemented so that we are assured that whatever material you are downloading is really from the right source.

Whether or not you should stream from the site is up to you. It is legal to stream content for free as you are not in possession of copywrited material. The files are deleted as you watch, so you have no saved copy on your PC or device. The owner of the server would be legally liable for any lawsuit, but no such action has been taken against Showbox as of yet. Downloading content is considered piracy, however, so be careful not to commit any felonies unknowingly.

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